Kai @ the beach

Name : Kai Leong

D.O.B  : 21/12/84

Nickname : Blackenese

Quote : When u step your feet on the cold, hard floor of the basketball court, you will experience first hand the complexity of my game and the difference between broadband and dial-up..


Enjoys hitting the courts to shoot some hoops with my mates, whilst I really love talking about the updates in the NBA league. Lakers fan at heart *honest Kobe fan* & a KD fan as well. I also relish reading non-nuisance blogs and other articles that seem to interest me.

Normally couldn’t be stuffed reading about young teen blogs crying for attention. Btw I don’t think Justin Bieber is cool. Also love hitting the weight room occasionally to stay in shape. If you have any comments and would love to follow my blog, please send me a message so we can debate about the happenings in the NBA. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Celtics fan or what not, its all healthy discussions 🙂 Enjoy and have a nice day.

Sincerely, Kai Leong

** Disclaimer : I do not own or take credit for any/all of the pictures posted in this website/blog.  All materials submitted to this website becomes the property of the website/blog owner. If you see anything on this website for which you hold the copyright, please inform me immediately and it will either be removed or given credit, whichever you choose.**


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13 07 2010
Spread the word! Gather the NBA fans!

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