Summer Report Card remarks

8 09 2010

I had my daily dose at and went across a compiled full report on the upgrades/downgrades of teams allocating them with grades like we did in high school. To make things really short and sweet, I decided to make my own summary on teams ranked A.

Lakers – You cannot deny the fact that they had a significant upgrade by adding more depth in the back and front court with Blake & Barnes. In fact, Kobe can sit out on most of the games that are from low-mid tiers as the LA team is still the defending champs and it does not look like it will slow down unless the injury bug bites.

Thunder – If Kevin Durant can maintain his consistency in scoring, with Jeff Green providing help as a PF, and Westbrook limiting his turnovers, I think Thunder would be a formidable team to go up against with so much talent and youth. Pretty sure Westbrook and KD will gain more experience and wisdom after the World FIBA Championships.

Heat – There we go again, CB, LBJ & Dwade. As long as three of these superstars stay on the floor, we are bound to see them trampling over moderate, non playoff-teams. We are yet to see their chemistry on the court and with their bench being rated C *which I really suggest would have been C- or D*, does make me feel skeptical on how the bench can help push the franchise through 82 games + playoffs if they do make it.

Last comments, Celtics have been rated B in this summary and I would like to stress again that they have been looked down upon. They stunned everyone *including myself* last season beating all the powerhouses with their star ‘The Truth’,  Rondo’s all-star quality penetration & hustle plays, Ray ray’s long distance threat and tremendous improvements and contributions from Glen Davis & Nate in the playoffs. *remember how they eliminated Magic?*

For everyone who is interested to see what the results are, please refer to the link below.




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