If you can’t beat em’, JOIN em!

7 09 2010

Like the saying goes, can’t beat them? JOIN them! That is what Kobe’s nemesis from Orlando Matt Barnes did early in the summer by joining the defending champs on their pursuit to a three-peat.

A lot of doubters and critics would say it would be a tough task for it to happen since the East is such a big thread with 3 remaining superstars stacked teams like Celtics, Magic and highly anticipated Miami Heat. Well bad news for you, the Lakers have just beef’d up their defensive adequacy by adding ‘Kobe-stopper’ to the mix.

This would mean, there would be no one to stop Kobe now thus easy three-peat? Don’t believe me? Kobe has done it before, you can easily argue because LA had Shaq, but now we have Gasol & Bynum to seal the deal provided they stay healthy throughout the season.

Matt Barnes & Kobe Bryant

Matt Barnes on Kobe: “If you let him mentally get you, you don’t have a chance”

Jerry Buss & the Lakers association is surely putting up a decent team to adjust to Heat’s 3 Kings’ roster this coming season. With Laker’s current offensive prowess and defensive capability of Ron Artest & Matt Barnes, I do not see how other teams can abide the defensive pressure, on paper that is.

It would be really interesting to see how PJ is able to rotate the roster around to suit everyone. Giving the other subs more playing time would be ideal cos all the fans are dying to see Shanon’s miraculous anti-gravity dunks *LA v Boston playoff highlights hint hint* and Sasha ‘Machine’ Vujacic decreased playing time last season due to his inconsistency from long distance. We can definitely expect a good deal of run & guns with such a dynamic defensive 2010-2011 Lakers team. GO LAKERS!

Last but not least, with the FIBA world championships in tune, lets hope to see more action from Team USA and Kevin Durant!

Until then, enjoy the semi-finals!




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7 09 2010

Hey guys, i know this news is a little outdated, better late than never ^^

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