The Defected

13 07 2010

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my blog, its been awhile since I’ve thought of picking up writing blogs and thought I’d found a good place and good topics to blog about. I couldn’t help but feel really sorry for what LeBron James did to his ex-city, Cleveland Cavaliers. To make it really blunt to y’all, earlier in his career he ranted about starting in Ohio and ending his career in Ohio, and that Akron was going to be the only place he’d call home.

After 3 seasons of trying to get into the NBA finals, despite all the publicity in year 2008-2009 where all critics were saying it would be a dream final series for Kobe to meet LBJ in the last round. Well honestly speaking from a Lakers fan point of view, I was kinda skeptical when it came to LBJ v Kobe. I felt LBJ is definitely stronger, faster, more athletic than Kobe, and I don’t like it when your favorite team goes against someone with such caliber although he does not have any rings…..yet.

Nobody had expected that the Orlando Magic would edge the Cavaliers in 2008/09 as they were taking big teams out under Superman Dwight’s cape. Nevertheless, it was a great season with a great ending to begin a Lakers dynasty. Back to the topic, it was also sad to see that the Celtics eliminated Cavs this season and despite LBJ putting up big numbers 30+ points every night at least, they managed to barely stay alive. I remember telling my mates, if LBJ doesn’t score 40, they’re not going to win. As NBA fans, you should’ve seen the disappointment on LBJ’s face when the buzzer sounded. It was as though he had enough of weak teammates, can’t blame LBJ though to some degree.

He should not have made it so dramatic and pompous about his pending decision to stay/leave the Cavs. Honestly speaking, that’s what I thought pissed the fans off. Yes, sure you came into the NBA, brought the franchise back into the playoffs, became the star of the city, made the fans love you and whatnot, the fact is, he didn’t give them enough to win a championship for Cleveland. Now jumping on the bandwagon with D.Wade and C.Bosh, c’mon! That’s like a captain abandoning his own ship for somebody else’s in a desperate attempt to win a championship.

I’m sure MJ never quitted, I’m sure Kobe never quitted although he did break down to say he wanted to leave the team. But you gotta know Kobe was with Kwame brown, Smush Parker? wwwwwhat the hell? He had no chance!! Still he stayed on in LA as they re-hired Phil and got Gasol into the team. Nuff said!

Anyway I felt really bad for the Cavs fans and their organization. There is even an open letter by the owner and quoting his phrase;


LeBron thwarted

Ouch~!!! that has gotta hurt! I can imagine him going back to Cleveland in the 2010-2011 season and fans actually hating on him. Despite having 3 mega stars as front line for the Miami Heat and literally no bench support, I had the impression that the Heat will not reach the finals. Why? Well in my opinion, LBJ is proclaimed to be the best player in NBA **Black Mamba supersedes this sorry** but is unable to win any rings. Is it because he doesn’t have a second man like Gasol? Maybe..Is it because you think the Cavs were that bad? I seriously doubt so. For a team to have 61 wins in the regular season doesn’t make you a bad team. In the end, teaming up with Wade and Bosh might not really be a good idea. Who’s team is it going to be? There’s definitely going to be some differences in opinions, look at the Lakers when they had Shaq…

What’s interesting though is to see how can Cavs prepare themselves with a mediocre team now without LBJ. Hopefully Dan Gilbert did not just splurge out that open letter out of spite and disappointment.

Here’s a link for y’all if you want to see the message by the Cavs’ owner! Enjoy it!

Gilbert, Cav’s owner’s letter to the fans




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