Midsummer Power Ranking

13 07 2010

As expected, NBA really loves LBJ and is showing it loudly and proudly. It’s even lucky that they did not put Heat above the champions in the ranking list. I honestly do not believe they deserve the 2nd place. How do you judge and estimate how well a team is ranked when they haven’t been able to showcase anything? Would be interesting to see the chemistry amongst them. Not to mention that Udonis Haslem has decided to stay with the Heat *who the hell would leave now anyway*, I do not think he has a real role to fill in the Heat now unless he can take the point or center position. Averaging only 6ppg and 7rpg, I doubt he’s going to be able to support the Heat enough if they do have a second unit.

Lakers should have an upgrade like the description in the PR with the acquisition of Steve Blake. At least we do know that he can throw it down from long distance and is a decent ball handler to replace Farmar. Definately would miss Farmar’s presence in the team in terms of hustle plays and fast break dunks.

I won’t count out the Thunder as they have a really dynamic trio in the Western conference. By making it to the playoffs last year and Durantula’s commitment to the team, other rookies such as James Harden have proven on the floor that their contributions on the offensive end are necessary when KD goes for to the bench. Chicago with their new addition, Carlos Boozer to their team would increase their presence on the boards and inside game. The Rose-Boozer-Noah would be a good combo to watch as well. Although Ben Gordon hasn’t had the best season in his career, he’s proven to be able to play in clutch situations.

We shall have to see how Portland does this coming season as they have been plagued by the injury-bug. They still managed to get into the playoffs without healthy all-star Brandon Roy. Despite having Marcus Camby later in the season, they have proven to have very good chemistry with Aldrich. Would love to see how the come back this season in the west.

Lastly, the Nuggets seem to be pretty quiet in the draft after being eliminated by the champs in the playoffs. It does look like Melo is not very happy at the direction he’s heading with the team. They need more help on the boards and Carmelo not only getting better in the offensive half, but also defensively. As a leader of the franchise, he could be the next ‘traitor’ in Denver. Also with Billups getting a year older, who’s going to succeed and take his place? Perhaps the rising Stucky can show us more prowess in the coming season.





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